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Michigan's Drain Commissioners - A Legacy of Property and Resource Protection

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Drain Commissioners are public officials charged with administering Michigan laws related to flood protection, storm water management, and soil erosion. They build and maintain many millions of dollars worth of infrastructure to serve Michigan citizens.


Most Drain Commissioners are elected to this county office; a few counties appoint a person or board to perform these essential functions. State law allows a Drain Commissioner to use the title Water Resources Commissioner. Some Michigan counties have established Public Works Commissioners who are also responsible for drinking water & sanitary systems in their counties.


The Michigan Association of County Drain Commissioners is dedicated to protection of the health, safety, and welfare of Michigan's citizens, their lands and environmental quality, and to the protection and restoration of Michigan's water resources. We seek to accomplish these goals by promoting professional development, continuing education, and encouraging member involvement.


We promote continuing improvement in Drain Commissioners' implementation of their myriad responsibilities through use of the latest standards, technologies and methods for storm water management, water resource protection, drainage, financial management, customer service, and public administration.